Sunday, 14 October 2012

Another of the characters, 80s girl, drawn in a computerly, Marguerite Sauvage manner. The head of the first I traced from an earlier drawing I made with a dip pen (see blog post circa July 24th) the second two were drawn entirely on the computer. 

And the last of the characters is 3D, a stressed actress, not the best photographs though:


Yet Another Character

This time oil paintings of a butterfly headed detective guy.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

A few more characters

These next character's were created using the techniques of Shaun Tan, Sara Fanelli, and Gary Baseman. The Shaun Tan based creation was based on a manatee and the more features I added the more everything about the character seemed to alliterate, a moon manatee machine with a moustache.

Little Girl Character

The little girl character I created for our summer project, I made a dreadful mistake with her hand in the first image, I'd appreciate you ignoring it.