Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cover Competitions

This was my winning submission for Hawkwood Books's competition to design a cover for the soon to be released children's book The Strange Encounter of Sally Shakespeare and Toby Tinker by Adam Rawlins. Very exciting to have my cover published on a real book.

And this is my response to The Penguin design award brief for Puffin,
design a cover for the Wind in the Willows.

A Cloud of Flies

'A Cloud of Flies'
Submission for our year's art book 'An Assortment of Illustrators' illustrations based on collective nouns.

Mood and Memory

This is my response to this year's Cheltenham Illustration Award brief. The theme was mood and memory, and also that the piece should be inspired by Holst's Planets suite. The brief also said the piece shouldn't be about planets but I thought maybe I'd try to use a colour scheme based around planets - this lead to finding a picture of a variety of eggs which echoed the colour scheme. I got thrown into a line of thought relating eggs to the theme of mood and memory, how as a food it can be quite nostalgic, for example I would associate soft boiled egg and soldiers with childhood. But also in a wider sense I thought of applying this to the memory of earth, to represent earths history - dinosaurs and evolution.

Final Major Project Page

This is a page from my final major project, children's book pages
based around Captain Scott's last expedition. 

The Woman Who Wanted to Eat a Child

These are some pages from a project illustrating a story about a woman who wanted to eat a child. We were provided with some lines of text and could aim the project at any audience. I chose to illustrate it as pages for a children's book.